Research Awards - 2016

The following proposals were the winners of the 2016 SRHE Research Awards and the final reports from these projects are (or shortly will be)below:

Kelly Coate   Camille Kandiko Howson
Kelly Coate, King’s College, London
Camille Kandiko Howson, King’s College, London
PDF Senior Professional Leaders in Higher Education: The Role of Prestige

Margaret Hamilton, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia, Cate Gribble also RMIT, and Sally Smith, Edinburgh Napier University

PDF Developing entrepreneurial capabilities for the global labour market: A cross national study of IT students in the UK and Australia
Report Available Shortly

Michael Keenan, Nottingham Trent University

PDF Exploring LGBTQ diversity in Higher Education: Extending research into LGBTQ student experience
Report Available Shortly

Ian Kinchin, University of Surrey, Namrata Rao, Liverpool Hope University, and Anesa Hosein, University of Surrey

PDF Migrant Academics and Professional Learning Gains: Perspectives of the Native Academics
Report Available Shortly

Nick Pratt, Plymouth University and Julie Shaughnessy, University of Roehampton

PDF Supervision of professional doctoral students: investigating pedagogy for supporting critical voice and theorisation
Report Available Shortly

Naomi Winstone, University of Surrey

PDF How are cultures of feedback practice shaped by accountability and quality assurance agendas?
Report Available Shortly

The following three proposals were 2016 Scoping Award winners and the final reports from these projects are available below:

Liz Bennet
Liz Bennet, University of Huddersfield
PDF Students' emotional response to feedback on their progress using learning analytics dashboards

Sarah Lewthwaite, University of Southampton

PDF The pedagogy of social science research methods textbooks: a scoping study
Report Available Shortly

Anne Tierney, Edinburgh Napier University
Anne Tierney, Edinburgh Napier University
PDF Exploring brokerage activities between Life Science research and teaching communities in UK Higher Education Institutions

Research Awards - 2015

The following five proposals were the winners of the 2015 SRHE Research Awards and the final reports from these projects will appear below:

Kirsty Finn
Kirsty Finn, Lancaster University
PDF Everyday student mobilities: Exploring the relationship between wellbeing, inclusion and sustainability

Bruce MacFarlane
Bruce MacFarlane, University of Southampton
Damon Burg, University of Southampton
PDF Knowledge creation in higher education studies: an intergenerational analysis

Sue Shepherd
Sue Shepherd, University of Kent
PDF Appointing for Diversity: Can Old Universities Learn from the Experience of the New?

Karen Smith
Karen Smith, University of Hertfordshire
Scott Fernie, Loughborough University
Nick Pilcher, Edinburgh Napier University
PDF What role does (or should) higher education research play in higher education policy? An exploratory study

Stuart Tannock
Stuart Tannock, UCL IoE
PDF The Fragmentation of Equality in the Internationalised University

The following three proposals were 2015 Scoping Award winners and the final reports from these projects are available below:

Ceryn Evans
Ceryn Evans, Cardiff University
PDF Higher education and civil society: Exploring participation in civil society amongst graduates and non-graduates.

Linda Evans, Leeds

PDF The origins and history of university professors and professorship in the UK
Report Available Shortly

Ourania Filippakou   Catherine Montgomery
Ourania Filippakou, Brunel University
Catherine Montgomery, University of Bath
PDF Exploring the Paradigms of Higher Education Research: Emerging Research Discourses in China and the UK

Research Awards - 2014

Research Awards - 2013

Research Awards - 2012

Research Awards - 2011

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