Digital University

Dr Lesley Gourlay UCL Institute of Education, London
Dr Kelly Coate King's Learning Institute, King's College, London
Dr Ibrar Bhatt Queen's University Belfast

The Digital University

Network Convenors:

Dr Lesley Gourlay, Senior Lecturer (Department of Culture, Communication & Media) and Director (Academic Writing Centre), UCL Institute of Education, University College London. Email:

Dr Kelly Coate, Acting Director (King's Learning Institute), King's College London Email: 
Dr Ibrar Bhatt, Lecturer (School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work), Queen's University Belfast Email:
Lesley, Kelly and Ibrar are active researchers in this area with extensive networks. Lesley is currently leading a JISC-funded project at the IOE (100K) on Digital Literacies. The Irish Learning Technologies Association (ILTA) has already established links with us. Ibrar is working on the ESRC funded Academics’ Writing project, which explores the dynamic practices of knowledge creation in the contemporary University and how digital media shape and give life to outputs of academic work.
Network Outline

The purpose of this network is to bring together researchers and practitioners who are leading the debates about the impact of technologies on academic work. The intention is not to focus on 'elearning' as such but to explore a range of issues (both theoretical and practical) that arise through the impact of technological processes on social networks, research methodologies, identity formations, publications and theoretical developments.

At the SRHE 2012 conference we asked potential members of the Network to express an interest and suggest topics. These included:

  • methodologies for online research
  • digital literacies
  • virtuality and education
  • social networking for learning
  • staff development needs
  • e-citizenship
  • managing change around technologies

The Network is likely to appeal to members of the Association of Learning Technologists (ALT) with an interest in research and theory; members of the Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) which recently held a conference on technologies; members of the Society of College, National and University Libraries (SCONUL) interested in digital literacies, the JISC community, academics and research students interested in educational technologies; and academics and researchers interested in sociomaterial approaches to education.

We would also like to video and broadcast our events, in order that they can be available to our international and geographically distributed members.

Upcoming Events +

There are no scheduled upcoming events for this network

Past Events +

18 November 2016
‘Critical Perspectives on ‘Openness’ in Higher Education’

17 June 2016
Boundaries of digital professionalism and the challenges of social media in Higher Education

19 November 2015
The digital university and its contributions to a sustainable future (Nottingham Trent University)

25 September 2015
Academic identity in the digital university: current trends and future challenges

17 April 2015
Methodology and Ethics for Researching the Digital University

03 November 2014
Theorising Technology in Digital Higher Education

28 March 2014
The digital and the material: mapping contemporary student practices

10 May 2013
New Approaches To Digital Literacies

02 November 2012
Critical Perspectives on ‘Open-ness’ in the Digital University

07 June 2012
The Written Word

02 March 2012
The Launch of the Digital University Network

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