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SRHE network events
  • 07 March 2017
    Professional Development Programme
    Demystifying and Preparing for the Doctoral Viva
    08 March 2017
    International Research and Researchers
    “Gendering Academic Mobility: International Perspectives”
    09 March 2017
    Access and Widening Participation
    Investigating inequalities in graduate outcomes
    13 March 2017
    Joint Network Events
    Using theory to understand HE student futures: the ‘possible selves’ concept and its application to analysis of higher education
  • 14 March 2017
    Professional Development Programme
    Research Approaches and Methods
    16 March 2017
    Professional Development Programme
    Introduction to quantitative research methods
    22 March 2017
    Postgraduate Issues
    Researching, Supervising and Working in and with Other Cultures and Languages
    23 March 2017
    Professional Development Programme
    Preparing Research Proposals
  • 06 April 2017
    Professional Development Programme
    Publishing Academic Articles: A way through the maze
    08 May 2017
    Higher Education Policy
    Higher Education Policy and Lifelong Learning
    12 May 2017
    Newer Researchers
    Transitioning into pedagogical research – ‘Dual identities and discipline spanning’
    19 May 2017
    Postgraduate Issues
    Race, Ethnicity and Postgraduate Issues
  • 20 June 2017
    Professional Development Programme
    Writing Manuscripts for High Impact Journals
Worldwise news
Symposium: Pedagogic Frailty and Resilience
6 Sep - Univ. of Surrey
New Blog: 'Conference Inference: Blogging the World of Conferences'
Launched 30/1/2017
Transnational education at a juncture: Sociological futures post-Brexit
2 May, Keele University
Book Launch: Exploring religion on campus
14 Feb, Kingston
“Transnational Circulation and Multilevel Governance of University Reform
Singapore, 28-30th June 2
Access Academy Training: Evaluating outreach work (4 Session Suite)
2017 dates, London
SRHE Newer Researchers Awards 2017
Launched 6th Dec
SRHE Research & Scoping Awards 2016
Funded Proposals
Current Challenges/Desired Futures for Higher Education in Japan and the UK
University of Sussex, UK
University of Queensland - Reading and Writing in the Twenty-First-Century
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