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Out Now - SRHE News Issue 25 - July 2016

Extract from editorial

Universities reel after Hexit vote

The referendum result shocked the universities, going against all the expectations that Remain would triumph and that the status quo would be preserved. The campaign had become increasingly frenetic as the date for the referendum approached, with claims about the consequences for Leave and Remain ever more inflated.

But even on the day of the vote no-one, least of all the opinion pollsters, had really expected that Leave would win. It was only as voters left polling stations across the country's campuses that the realisation dawned, with exit polls immediately showing unexpectedly high votes for Leave, especially in crucial constituencies like Sheffield. As the results came in it was clear that Sunderland, one of the earliest to report a Leave majority, had established a pattern that would be replicated everywhere except in parts of London and a few other cities. Join SRHE

Higher Education Empirical Research (HEER) Database (QAA)

The Higher Education Empirical Research (HEER) database comprises summaries of the latest published research on a range of topics related to higher education. It is intended for use by policy-makers, academics and researchers in higher education. The database is fully searchable by theme, publisher and date. As a registered user you gain access to the full summaries and subscription options to receive email notifications as soon as new research is added to the database.

Further details are available here HEER Database.

Higher Education Statistics Agency 2014-15 Data

Below are links to HESA datasets provided to SRHE in February/March 2016. This data in relation to UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) is broken down by age group, gender, ethnicity, disability status, level of study, mode of study, etc. We hope they will be useful to any of members and guests currently engaged in research.

The links below will download a .zip file from which you can then extract the publication and supporting files, these files are stored in Microsoft Excel and HTML format. In order to view the files correctly you must choose to 'Extract' the files from the .zip file and save them within one folder, then choose to view the index.html file first.

  1. Students in Higher Education Institutions 2014/15
  2. Staff in Higher Education Institutions 2014/15
  3. Finances of Higher Education Institutions 2014/15
  4. HE Business and Community Interaction (HE-BCI) Survey 2014/15
  5. Destination of Leavers from Higher Education 2014/15
  6. Statistical Overview of Higher Education 2014/15
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Freedom to Learn - latest title in the SRHE book series
By Bruce Macfarlane
Faculty position(s) - HE and Student Affairs program
University of Iowa
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer posts: University of Otago, New Zealand
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Theory & Method in HE Research - Chapter Contributions sought
By 30th November
An exploration of religious voices and identities in higher education
28th Nov, Manchester
University of Queensland - Reading and Writing in the Twenty-First-Century
Papers by 3 Feb 2017
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