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Call for papers: 2018 Gender, Work and Organisation Interdisciplinary Conf

1st Nov 17

The 2018 Gender, Work and Organisation 10th Biennial International Interdisciplinary Conference will be hosted in Sydney by Macquarie University from Wednesday June 13 - Saturday June 16, 2018.
The conference, organised primarily as a series of streams, will provide an international forum for debate and analysis of contemporary debates affecting gender studies.
Launched in 1994, Gender, Work and Organization was the first journal to provide an arena dedicated to debate and analysis of gender relations, the organisation of gender and the gendering of organisations. The Gender, Work and Organization conference provides an international forum for debate and analysis of contemporary debates affecting gender studies. The 2016 conference at Keele University attracted in excess 400 international scholars from over 30 nations.
The GWO2018 Sydney conference has been organised by Professor Alison Pullen, Editor-in-Chief Gender, Work and Organization and Professor of Management and Organization Studies at Macquarie University together with Professor Anne Ross-Smith, Associate Dean - Curriculum and Quality Assurance - Faculty of Business and Economics at Macquarie University. The next GWO conference is set to be held in 2020 in Kent, United Kingdom.
GWO2018 offers an amazing opportunity to network and share professional knowledge and research over 4 days in the heart of Sydney. With individual presentations under various streams and group networking sessions, the conference presents diverse geographical gender research and most current information from around the globe. As the only international conference of its kind, GWO2018 is not to be missed.
While gender in the field of academia seems to be a fairly well-researched topic, little is known so far about how women professors experience the academic struggles for prestigious positions within the field. What is their position within academia when they become established and thus have managed to move beyond the glass ceiling? Based on this leading question, we invite contributions that help to fill the gap with case studies and/or theoretical reflections from different national contexts, with respect to various disciplines, theoretical angles, and different kinds of academic institutions (all kinds of “universities”/institutions of higher education as well as research organizations in the respective nation states). In this spirit, we invite both theoretical and theoreticallyinformed empirical contributions that include but are not limited to the following questions:
• Which power mechanisms hinder women from climbing up the career ladder in universities and research organizations after they have reached positions that include the promise to be a serious player in the power games?
• How do women professors face organizational and/or more informal mechanisms of marginalization?
• What are their strategies to cope with marginalization and/or to mobilize resources in order to gain recognition, become a powerful player, and meaningfully participate in shaping the academia (and to effect organizational change)?
• Which gendered practices in the construction of scientific excellence can be identified that legitimate inequality in academic leadership?
• Through which mechanisms do different national academic systems support women in attaining tenure, becoming visible, and moving up to academic leadership positions?
We conceive of this conference stream as an opportunity to open the discussion to a broader international perspective and therefore invite contributions that already take on a comparative perspective as well as by bringing together single case studies. Finally, we hope that the stream provides a point of departure for further collaborations.
The stream will select suitable papers for a special issue proposal of the Gender, Work and Organization journal.
For submission details go to:
For stream enquiries please contact Anne Doelemeyer: anne.doelemeyer@hawkhhg. de


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