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SRHE Newer Researchers International Online Webinar Series 2018

Deadline 16th March 2018

 SRHE Newer Researchers Network

International Online Webinar Series 2018


With such great research happening around the world, we are keen to give you opportunities to share your work with like-minded individuals and for everyone to be able to take part and experience this. Therefore, we will be hosting a free online webinar series. Each webinar will consist of two 20-minute presentations and a 20-minute Q&A session aligned to a core research issue/theme. Every session will be recorded and made freely available to all members. Suggested dates for 2018 webinar series are:

April 2018                    13:00-14:00 GMT

June 2018                   13:00-14:00 GMT

September 2018         13:00-14:00 GMT


Dates would be agreed with accepted presenters in advance


Selection process for the webinar


The selection process will be managed by the SRHE LinkedIn champions. Applications for the webinar will be sourced by the submission of a simple 5-slide presentation. This presentation will permit us to see the content and the presentation style of the person. This is essential to engage an online audience. Specially:


  1. Title side
  2. Introduction slide
  3. Background of your research
  4. Research methodologies being used
  5. Details of some findings to date


Based on these slides we will be able to select presenters for the webinar series. We will also be able to offer feedback for enhancements before the actual event. Scoring grid:











Introduction missing or unclear. No aims or rationale of the research.

General overview of the research lacking full clarity and/or aims/hypothesis.

Clear introduction to the research with clear aims/hypothesis.


Missing or lacking depth to contextualize the research. Poorly referenced.

General summary of the research and partially referenced but does not give a clear context.

Referenced summary to the research to date and a clear context.


Missing or too generic to be able to understand any data presented.

Some detail of the methods to be used but lacking clear rationale or detail to permit the reader to engage fully with future data.

Clear explanation/rationale of/for the methods to be used, how data will be collected and analysed.


Missing or poorly presented and so the reader cannot understand what has been presented.

Some data presented but slightly difficult to engage with. No clear relationship between data and aims of the research.

Presentation of data in a clear and easy to follow manner with brief discussion of impact – relating to the aims of the research.

To submit your webinar presentation

Please forward your 5 PowerPoint slides to Katie Tindle <> by 16 March. Results will be announced on the 29th March.


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