Postgraduate Issues

Convenor: Professor Pam Denicolo, University of Reading
Convenor: Dr Martin Gough, University of Liverpool
Convenor: Dr Richard Race, Roehampton University
Convenor:Dr Julie Reeves, University of Southampton

The Postgraduate Issues Network was set up in January 1995 to help its members find out about new developments in the field of postgraduate education and to interpret these for their own use and benefit. In particular the network is concerned with: financial issues, quality issues, issues of good practice, issues specific to and independent of discipline and issues relating to employment. The network has more than a hundred members, including a number in the USA, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, and it continues to grow.

The network offers its members much more than a series of meetings: it aims to be a true network of mutual support. It does this by:

  • providing speakers at meetings to focus on a topic of general or topical interest
  • ensuring that there is the opportunity for members to raise their own issues to discuss in or after meetings
  • circulating material from members between meetings, and
  • stimulating informal support and collaboration outside meetings.

NEW - SRHE Postgraduate Guides - second series

The SRHE Postgraduate Guides have proven a very popular series and meet a growing demand for advice and guidance on the practical issues involved in the management, teaching and supervision of postgraduates who come from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds often with widely different needs.

This new series of the Postgraduate Guides contains a number of new titles as well as some revisions of the most popular guides from the first series. As with the first series the aim has been to produce clear practical guides, devoid of jargon, intended as a useful set of tools that will help deliver and support the delivery of high quality postgraduate training.

The guides are developed by the SRHE Postgraduate Issues Network. The executive team responsible for conceiving and directing this new series is led by Pam Denicolo and comprises: Alistair McCulloch, Martin Gough and Helen Perkins, Director of SRHE.

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Past Events +

25 October 2018
Exploring Doctoral Pedagogy on the Professional Doctorate in Education (EdD)

29 June 2018
Reimagining the Doctorate: ‘feasible utopias’ for expanded doctoral education

05 March 2018
Boundaries, Buddies, and Benevolent Dictators within the Ecology of Doctoral Study

16 November 2017
Fulfilling the Potential of your Doctorate

19 May 2017
Race, Ethnicity and Postgraduate Issues

22 March 2017
Researching, Supervising and Working in and with Other Cultures and Languages

19 October 2016
Pedagogy for Online Doctoral Study

18 March 2016
Exploring Doctoral Pedagogy on the Professional Doctorate in Education (EdD)

23 October 2015
Transferable Skills: Realising potential through translation to other contexts

15 July 2015
Postgraduate Ethics: Issues, Dilemmas,Solutions

24 April 2015
Funding Postgraduate Study in the UK: issues of widening participation and sustainability

10 November 2014
Where does theory come from in the doctoral project?

24 September 2014
Dimensions of well-being in postgraduate education

20 May 2014
Challenges of Doctoral Examining

19 May 2014
Doctoral Supervision Dilemmas & Resolutions

25 February 2014
Race, Ethnicity, Multiculturalism and Postgraduate Experiences

19 June 2013
Public Engagement – what’s in it for PGRs and HEIs?

05 October 2012
Researcher awareness and engagement with research integrity

12 March 2012
Using the RDF with Doctoral Researchers

06 October 2011
Issues in Taught Postgraduate Programmes

28 June 2011
Responding to the Challenge: Organising and Managing ESRC Doctoral Training Centres

01 July 2010
Enhancing Induction of Postgraduate Research Students

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