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Fostering wellbeing through creative reflective practice for PhD Students and Supervisors

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Facilitators: Nicole Brown (UCL Institute of Education), Jennifer Leigh & Jo Collins (University of Kent)

This interactive creative workshop is aimed at PhD students and PhD supervisors in order to explore different/creative tools to encourage reflection on a PhD journey or how they might supervise a PhD journey. The workshop aims to foster wellbeing through reflective practice, and to do this in an atmosphere of creativity and playfulness.  We do not recommend that PhD students attend with their own supervisor (or vice versa), however, as we want to encourage open and honest reflection.

For the first activity, participants will need to select an object to bring with them that answers the question “What does wellbeing mean for you?”.

You will be required to talk about your object and choices, so you should choose something that is meaningful, but still something you are happy and comfortable to share. If the object is too big or unwieldy to bring to the session, then a photograph of it is acceptable.  The rest of the day will build from this first activity and plenary discussion will facilitate further articulation and resolution of issues in research study practice. 



Nicole Brown is a Lecturer in Education at University College London’s Institute of Education, and alongside her doctoral work using creative methodology to explore academic experiences of chronic illness and how it impacts on identity, has developed world-leading initiatives on plagiarism.
Dr Jo Collins is the Postgraduate Development Advisor for Kent's Graduate School, and provides support, training and coaching to postgraduate students at all stages of their journey. She researches into doctoral emotion work and how creative methods such as Lego can aid reflection. 
Dr Jennifer Leigh is a Lecturer in Higher Education and Academic Practice at Kent, and devises and delivers teaching on pedagogy to new lecturers and PhD students. Her work is research-led, with an emphasis on creativity and embodied learning and reflection first developed in doctoral work.


Together, Nicole and Jennifer collaborated with Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance to explore how creative methods can be used to teach reflection and capture embodied learning experiences (Leigh, J., Petsilas, P., Brown, N. and Blackburn, C. (2019) Using creative approaches to teach reflective practice to dancers. Research in Dance Education. In press; Leigh, J., Petsilas, P., Brown, N. and Blackburn, C. (2019) Capturing embodied learning. Journal of Dance and Somatic Practice. In press). Nicole and Jo have researched into the efficacy of Lego modelling and creativity for building insight with postgraduate students (Brown, N. and Collins, J. (2018) Using Lego ® To Understand Emotion Work in Doctoral Education, International Journal of Management and Applied Research, 5(4), pp. 193-209). 

Network: Postgraduate Issues
Date(s): Thursday, 14 March 2019
Times: 11:00 - 16:00
Location: SRHE, 73 Collier St, London N1 9BE
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