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Social Media - a platform on which to build an academic identity

Friday, 08 September 2017

The use of social media as a means to provide a platform on which to build an academic identity is still in its early stages. Questions such as: Which is the best platform on which to concentrate my ‘digital identity’? How do I manage different platforms? What is the best method of distributing my research/work? These questions still remain challenging for individual academics and researchers. The dynamically shifting academic environment, both in the sector and in the available and nascent technology, compounds the problems further.

In truth the acceptance and management of this changing situation is the key to capitalising on the benefits of using social media as an academic/researcher. This workshop is aimed at those who are considering the establishment of a professional managed digital identity or those who wish to re-establish a targeted on-line presence.  The workshop will start by considering the aims of digital identity and social media, going on to consider academic profile, research collaboration, dissemination and networking.  It will introduce familiar and less familiar tools and resources to engage with building and managing your on-line presence.  The workshop approach will be hands-on, one where the sharing of good practice and experiences will be encouraged, and hopefully enjoyable.

So if you wish to put your toe into the ‘Social Media’ pool or improve your ‘Altmetrics’, come and join us.

By the end of this workshop, successful participants will be able to:
1.            Understand the opportunities for developing an online social media presence as an academic/researcher within the HE environment;
            Critically evaluate the technology tools/resources and how to manage these;
            Explore social-media tools and paradigms, aligned to academics and researchers, building on current understanding and good practice;
            Evaluate the benefit of using social media for your Higher Education career and how this can be used/developed as a mechanism into future pedagogical research opportunities;

5.            Develop a strategy for social network understanding, to support the successful use of social media in your professional life and enhance your research profile in Higher Education

Dr Mark J.P. Kerrigan


Dr Mark John Patrick Kerrigan is responsible for fostering excellence in teaching, learning and assessment, and the design and implementation of strategies to enrich the staff/student experience. He currently works at Anglia Ruskin University as the Director of Learning & Teaching in the Faculty of Medical Science. He has a strong interest in assessment, Digital Literacies and mobile/technology-integrated learning. Mark is a National Teaching Fellow and Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Richard Jones

Richard Jones worked in industry as a computer systems developer, a UK Technical Manager and a researcher for the National Foundation for Cancer Research. He has taught and held senior posts in Schools, Colleges and Universities receiving a Nuffield Centre of Excellence, National Beacon and University Senior Teaching Fellowship awards for his innovative teaching and research. Recent major funded projects include Supporting Mentors, Digital Literacy and Students as Partners. He currently leads the Computing Programme and Masters in technology enhanced – learning at Buckinghamshire New University and is a chartered member of the British Computer Society. 

Justin Luker 

Justin Luker has been supporting colleagues in the use of technology enhanced–learning for many years, running workshops on using technology to enrich the students learning experience. He teachers on postgraduate educational programmes and has been the technical lead on major grant funded research projects. He currently works at Buckinghamshire New University leading the Computing Networking degree programme in the Department of Computing.


Network: Professional Development Programme
Date(s): Friday, 08 September 2017
Times: 9.30-16.30
Location: SRHE, 73 Collier St, London N1 9BE
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