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Participating in higher education for gain or development: Perspectives from students and postdocs

Monday, 11 June 2018

This Webinar is part of the SRHE Newer Researchers Network International Online Webinar Series 2018. The webinars provide a space where researchers can share their research in an engaging, relevant and informative way and to receive constructive feedback from their peers.  This is the second of three webinars and will start discussions ahead of the SRHE Newer Researchers Conference on the 4th December 2018.

Watch a recording of this session here: 

Who expects to benefit the most from going to university? Exploring financial beliefs of young men and women.
Kristina Gruzdeva, University of Birmingham

This talk will explore patterns in secondary students’ beliefs about the size of the graduate premium and their confidence in these beliefs. Although girls ought to expect a higher graduate premium, we find that girls expect a lower graduate premium than boys. We also find that boys tend to be more confident in their expectations and place more value on financial implications of their educational choices. This research contributes to the growing literature on the confidence gap between men and women and can be used to inform higher education policy aimed at developing a culture of informed decision-making. 

Kristina is in the third year of her PhD at the University of Birmingham, where she also completed her MA in International Studies in Education. Her research revolves around students’ financial literacy and higher education choices. Kristina’s further interests include higher education policy and education in the context of internationalisation.


Postdoc worlds: peeling the layers
Dr Sandrine Soubes, University of Sheffield

During this webinar, Sandrine will discuss her research, which is concerned with HE practices in the field of postdoctoral research. She will describe how the use of some of Pierre Bourdieu’s concepts (field, capital and habitus) have helped her understand postdoctoral research. She will highlight how institutional practices position postdoctoral researchers, and structure “spaces of possible”. She will present examples of Postdoc habitus and an analysis of how volumes and configurations of capital acquired, structure postdoctoral transition and academic reproduction. This work allows a shift away from the restricted scope of “skills development” in reflections on the role played by researcher development initiatives.

Dr Sandrine Soubes is a Higher Education researcher/ practitioner, specialised in postdoctoral researcher development and doctoral education. She works as a researcher development manager in the Faculty of Science, at the University of Sheffield. She has a particular interest in ethnographic research in HE contexts.

Network: Newer Researchers
Date(s): Monday, 11 June 2018
Times: 13:00-14:00
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