Research domains

Papers Are Invited For Presentation Under One Of Ten Broad Research Domains

Submissions must be linked with one of the research domains specified to facilitate the development of a thematically streamed programme and authors should choose the domain which fits most closely with the content of the presentation.

It is not always obvious which research domain provides a “best fit” but authors are encouraged to submit proposals in the domain in which they would most like their paper to be timetabled.

Once papers have been accepted they may nonetheless be timetabled within a domain other than the one specified on submission if this creates the best thematic arrangement of papers for presentation.

Papers will be timetabled for presentation within the following 10 research domains.

Research Domains

  • Academic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)
  • Access and widening participation (AWP)
  • The Digital University and new learning technologies (DU)
  • Employability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)
  • Higher education policy (HEP)
  • International contexts and perspectives (ICP)
  • Learning, teaching and assessment (LTA)
  • Management, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)
  • Postgraduate scholarship and practice (PGSP)
  • Student experiences (SE)
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