Presentation guides

Presentation Formats And Guidelines For Presenters And Delegates

Individual paper presentations
Individual papers will be presented in 30 minute sessions and presenters are asked to plan their contributions to allow time for good time for discussion and debate after their formal presentation. Presenters are also asked to plan their use of PowerPoint sensibly, given the time available and a guide of 5 slides is recommended dependent of course on the nature of the research being presented. Please ensure that the slides a legible a large font size and a few key points.

Each individual session will be chaired by an appointed individual whose role is to try and manage the use of time effectively and ensure good time for discussion and a debate which gives the opportunity for all participants at the session to contribute.

Abstracts and full papers for all presentations will be posted on the website and will be available on a CD-Rom at the start of the conference. All abstracts are included in the printed conference programme for delegates.

Panel Discussions
The review process identifies papers which could be grouped together for discussion and thus allow space in the programme for a wide and varied range of research work to be presented.

Panel discussions have been allocated in 30 minute (two papers) and 60 minute (3-4 papers) sessions. Each panel will have an appointed chair who will keep time. Presenters are asked to speak for no more than 10 minutes per paper limiting their presentations to an overview of their work (using probably no more than 2 PowerPoints if desired) to allow good time for discussion.

Panel presenters and chairs will be introduced to each other before conference in order to enable them to discuss how the discussion session will be managed.

Each symposium has a rationale and a series of individual presentations and all have a chair in charge of the presentations and some also have a discussant to facilitate good debate after the presentations.

PowerPoint presentations - deadline Friday 16 November 2018

In order to make it easier for you, conference staff and technicians, we will pre-load your PowerPoint for you. Please ensure you also bring a back up copy on a memory stick.

Please send your PowerPoints to

Posters must be printed in A1 size (594 x841 mm/ 23.3 x33.1 in) in portrait/upright format.

If you have pre-printed your poster we would appreciate it if you could send it in advance by Friday 16 November to:

Francois Smit
Society for Research into Higher Education
73 Collier Street
N1 9BE
United Kingdom

If you wish SRHE to print it for you please send a pdf of the poster to to reach us by Friday 16 November. The cost for printing will be £25 and you will be invoiced for this.

You may of course bring it with you on the day of the conference.

Lightning presentations (5-7 minute video)
Lighting presentations are 5-7 minute videos which allow authors to present summaries or overviews of their work. As authors will not be physically present it is recommended that you are accessible from 5-7 December via email and/or twitter, picking up messages and comments from the conference audience as and when they view your presentation.

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