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SRHE Annual Research Conference 10-12 December 2014


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T McCowan - Symposium A1 Session: A.1.2, (10 Dec, 12.15)
Download PDF Document Employability in African higher education: homogeneity, diversity and stratification
S Gedye - Individual Paper Session: F.6.0, (11 Dec, 09.00)
Download PDF Document Student Articulations of their own Employability
R Jones - Individual Paper Session: J.6.0, (11 Dec, 12.45)
Download PDF Document Exploring the Role of Extra-Curricular Activity in Developing Employability and Graduate Identity
M Tanaka - Individual Paper Session: K.6.0, (11 Dec, 14.15)
Download PDF Document A Study on the Employability of Law School Graduates in Japan
D Anderson - Individual Paper Session: L.6.0, (11 Dec, 15.00)
Download PDF Document “Employer Insights”: a case of embedding employability in the curriculum
C Davies - Individual Paper Session: P.6.0, (11 Dec, 17.30)
Download PDF Document Defining the Future: an exploration of perceptions of employability of undergraduate minority ethnic students
D Chadah - Individual Paper Session: Q.6.1, (12 Dec, 09.00)
Download PDF Document Employability in higher education: refashioning required?
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