Format for submissions

Submitting a paper: Format for submissions

To maintain the high quality of papers presented at the SRHE conference, and to ensure that the review process has access to a sufficient level of detail to take an informed view, submitting authors for all types of presentations are asked to provide a short paper for peer review in two parts.

  • Part 1 Abstract: a 150 word summary of the proposal which will be printed in the published conference programme and also made available at conference on the CD Rom and online.
  • Part 2 Outline: a maximum 1000 word paper (not including references) to be available at conference on the CD Rom and online.

Please note that both parts are required at the point of first submission, but there will be no subsequent call for fuller papers for accepted proposals.

The Society uses a bespoke electronic submission process for the Conference and all the data entered at the point of initial submission flows through to the final programme. Particular care should be taken on email addresses as these will be used for auto generated emails.

Authors are asked to ensure that their online submission:

  • records important information correctly at the point of first submission
  • includes the names of the submitting authors and their correct affiliations
  • includes the name of the person or persons who will be presenting the work at the conference with the correct affiliations
  • makes clear if any co-authors will also be presenting the work at the conference

Submissions must be made under one of the research domains specified and authors should choose the domain which fits most closely with the content of the presentation. Papers will be timetabled for presentation within these research domains.

Timetable for submissions

All proposals must be submitted electronically.

Authors will find here all the instructions needed on what is required in making a submission.

The deadline for submission of all proposals for the SRHE Annual Research Conference is Friday 27 June 2014.

This submission date will enable all decisions on acceptances to be communicated to authors in good time for presenting authors to register for the Conference by 26 September 2014.

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