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Newer Researchers' Conference 2013

Poster Sessions

Poster Authors
Author: Jennifer Allen
Abstract: 50
Title: Exploring the motivations, experiences, employment expectations, and employment outcomes of higher education graduates from English further education institutions and universities
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Author: Fabio R AricÚ
Abstract: 47
Title: FR Arico - Academic Self-Efficacy and Learning in HE
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Author: Ann Austin
Abstract: 38
Title: Providing an enhanced tutorial system to support student learning
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Author: Natalie Berger
Abstract: 34
Title: Berger SRHE poster
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Author: Sarah Birchley
Abstract: 16
Title: 0016 Birchley Making sense of quality assurance in Japanese higher education
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Author: Caroline Ennis
Abstract: 32
Title: Method Mongering in Qualitative Research: A critical discourse analysis approach to researching management curriculum design within higher education
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Author: Meta Gorup
Abstract: 57
Title: Beyond the cookie factory
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Author: Paul Grey
Abstract: 40
Title: The Ostrich Problem: Student Self-Handicapping as Illustrated by VLE Activity
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Author: Andrew Gunn
Abstract: 72
Title: 0072, Gunn, Higher Education Policy in England and the Coalition Government
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Author: Hayley Hunter
Abstract: 48
Title: Eyes on the Prize
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Author: Carol Johnson
Abstract: 11
Title: 011, Johnson, Designing a Framework for Online Music Education (OME)
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Author: Alan Johnston
Abstract: 59
Title: Psychological Contract and Academics
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Author: Anna Karhunoff
Abstract: 63
Title: International Masterís Programs in Finland
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Author: Jennifer Leigh
Abstract: 19
Title: Academic development needs of part-time teachers in higher education: are they being met?
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Author: Pochun Li
Abstract: 60
Title: 60, Li, comparing quality assurance mechanisms for student learning outcomes between taiwan and england in the field of education
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Author: Tom Lunt
Abstract: 68
Title: (Dis)engaging Students: the role of digital literacy in HE learning Communities
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Author: Dr Dawn Mannay
Abstract: 64
Title: Itís written in the sand: Employing sandboxing to explore the experiences of non-traditional, mature students in higher education
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Author: Alison McEntee
Abstract: 67
Title: Widening Access and Academic Writing: Learning or Alienation?
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Author: Diana Mesquita
Abstract: 65
Title: How do undergraduates look at their training in Higher Education? A study with Engineering Students
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Author: Joanna Molyn
Abstract: 75
Title: A Missing Link? Self-Efficacy and Employability: The Role of Coaching in Raising Self-Efficacy and Employability of Accounting Students
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Author: Anna Mountford-Zimdars
Abstract: 23
Title: Inside the Curious World of University Admissions
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Author: Anna Mountford-Zimdars
Abstract: 24
Title: Poster SRHE 2013
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Author: Sally R Palmer
Abstract: 39
Title: Abstract, Palmer, The Use of Social/Academic/Professional Networks to facilitate an International Pedagogical Learning Community
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Author: Annedien G. Pullen
Abstract: 58
Title: The Influence of Student and Task on Collaborative Behavior: A Mixed-Method Study
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Author: Brady Schaar
Abstract: 177
Title: Undergraduate Attitudes toward Sexual Minorities Based on Religious Beliefs
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Author: Ahmad Thamrini Fadzlin, Syed Mohamed
Abstract: 3
Title: Threshold Concepts in PME
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Author: Sally Wai-Yan WAN
Abstract: 18
Title: Content Analysis of Higher Education Leadership: Research and trends from 2008 to 2012
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Author: Sancia Wai-San Wan
Abstract: 22
Title: 2013 SRHE Conference - "Live, Serve, Learn: A Critical Reflection on an International Service-Learning Program of a Residential College in Macau, China"
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Author: Foong May Yeong
Abstract: 9
Title: Survey on Studentsí experience with Open-book Online quizzes for formative learning in a Large-class Undergraduate Cell Biology Module
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  Keynote Speakers
Professor Mike Neary
Professor Mike Neary
University of Lincoln
Professor Philip Altbach - Keynote Speaker
Professor Philip Altbach
Center for International Higher Education ,Boston College USA
Dr. Manja Klemenčič - Keynote Speaker
Dr. Manja Klemenčič
Harvard University and University of Ljubljana
Professor Sir Peter Scott
Professor Sir Peter Scott
Institute of Education, University of London
Key Dates
  • 15 July - Newer Researchers Submission Deadline
  • August 2013 Ė Author Acceptance Notification
  • August 2013 Ė Draft Timetable Published
  • 30 September 2013 - Early Bird Discount Ends
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