Fellowship of the Society for Research into Higher Education

Fellowship is recognition for those who have made a significant contribution in the field of research into higher education, awarded to members of the Society who have achieved a substantial reputation based on a significant body of work achieved over a period of time. Fellows may take on an advisory role to help develop the work of the Society.

Fellows: Full list

    Name Affiliation Appointed
    Professor Marcia Devlin Federation University Australia January 2014
    Professor Lee Harvey Copenhagen Business School, Denmark January 2013
    Professor Monica Mclean University of Nottingham January 2013
    ProfessorBruce Macfarlane University of Hong Kong January 2013
    Professor Patrick Ainley University of Greenwich January 2012
    Professor Carole Leathwood London Metropolitan University January 2012
    Professor Jeroen Huisman University of Bath January 2012
    Professor Lynn McAlpine University of Oxford/ McGill January 2012
    Professor Rob Cuthbert University of West of England January 2011
    Professor Claire Callender University of London, Birkbeck & Institute of Education January 2011
    Professor Paul Trowler University of Lancaster January 2011
    Professor Ian McNay University of Greenwich January 2011
    Professor Rosemary Deem Royal Holloway, London January 2010
    Professor Kerri-Lee Krause Griffith University Australia January 2010
    Professor Robin Middlehurst University of Kingston, UK January 2010
    Professor John Richardson Open University January 2010
    Professor Ulrich Teichler University Kassel January 2009
    Professor Angela Brew University of Sydney January 2008
    Professor Gunnar Handal University of Oslo January 2008
    Professor Dai Hounsell University of Edinburgh January 2008
    Professor Louise Morley University of Sussex January 2008
    Professor Michael Shattock Institute of Education University of London January 2008
    Professor Mantz Yorke Lancaster University January 2008
    Professor John Brennan Centre for Higher Education Research Information, Open University January 2006
    Professor Oliver Fulton University of Lancaster January 2006
    Professor Malcolm Tight University of Lancaster January 2006
    Professor Ted Tapper Emeritus Professor of Politics University of Sussex January 2006
    Professor Simon Marginson University of Sydney, Australia January 2004
    Professor Gareth Parry University of Sheffield January 2004
    Mr John Skelton Milton Keynes January 2004
    Professor Gareth Williams Institute of Education University of London January 2003
    Professor Noel Entwistle University of Edinburgh January 2002
    Professor David Dill University of North Carolina January 2001
    Professor James Ratcliffe Pennsylvannia State University January 2001
    Ms Harriet Croft Bristol January 2000
    Dr Peter Maassen University of Oslo, Norway January 2000
    Professor Ronald Barnett Institute of Education, University of London January 1998
    Professor Mary Henkel Brunel University January 1998
    Dr John Wyatt Chichester January 1998
    Dr Marianne Bauer University of Gothenburg January 1997
    Professor Ingrid Moses University of New England January 1996
    Professor Sheldon Rothblatt University of California January 1996
    Professor Sinclair Goodlad Imperial College London January 1993
    Professor Ference Marton University of Gothenburg January 1992
    Professor David Boud University of Technology Sydney January 1991
    Professor John Pratt University of East London January 1991
    Professor Sir Peter Scott Kingston University January 1991
    Professor Alan Smithers University of Buckingham January 1991

    Honorary Fellows

    Name Appointed
    Professor Christine Musselin 2014
    Professor Jurgen Enders 2011
    Professor Michael Peters 2010

    SRHE Fellows Event - 27 June 2013

    The Society's annual Fellow's invitation event took place on the 27 June. The opening presentation and audio podcast from Fellow and now Vice-President of the Society, Professor Sir Peter Scott from the Institute of Education, London are available here
    SRHE Fellows event 2013

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