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SRHE network events
  • 12 January 2018
    Professional Development Programme
    Preventing plagiarism
    17 January 2018
    Professional Development Programme
    Writing your Methodology Section/Chapter: Writing about Research Methods in Journal Papers, Books and PhD Theses’
    25 January 2018
    Access and Widening Participation
    How can we meaningfully listen to students’ voices to shape policy and practice? OFFA and SRHE
    16 February 2018
    Digital University
    The Digital University, Social Justice and the ‘public good’
  • 21 February 2018
    Professional Development Programme
    Writing Manuscripts for High Impact Journals
    28 February 2018
    Professional Development Programme
    Creative methods in higher education research
    05 March 2018
    Postgraduate Issues
    Buddies, and Benevolent Dictators within the Ecology of Doctoral Study
    19 April 2018
    International Research and Researchers
    Migration and academic acculturation
  • 24 April 2018
    Academic Practice
    The implications of the student engagement agenda for student freedom
Worldwise news
Routledge: Your experiences promoting your published articles
Survey Winter 2018
Call for papers: Higher Education Research & Development
Mobile academic intellectuals and politics
18th Jan 18
Whatever happened to our vision of a learning society: The Learning Age 20
16th Feb 2018
CALL FOR ABSTRACTS. TEF what next ….?’ A HE SIG themed seminar
12 Dec 17
Oracy Skills in Higher Education
5 Jan, Univ of Surrey
New release: Art and Design Pedagogy in Higher Education
Susan Orr, Alison Shreeve
The 13th annual conference of the German Society for Research in Higher Edu
12th-13th April 2018.
Are you an academic on an insecure contract?
Call for participation
The International Conference on Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching
11 - 13 December 2017
Theory and Method in Higher Education Research
February 28th 2018.
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